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  • Olivier TremblayFansRevenue

    Olivier TremblayFansRevenue / Marketing Director

    about Olivier Tremblay

    With a 360 vision and leadership background in marketing from ∽20 years spent in the high-tech industry, Olivier joined forces with CrakRevenue about 4 years ago and jumped right into the growing market of influencers to tackle the creator economy.

    Olivier led the launch and go-to-market strategies of FansRevenue - the affiliate marketing platform built for models & content creators. His deep understanding of the creators’ reality and end-users' journey, combined with his experience in driving influencer marketing campaigns to amplify creators’ personal brand, have helped top brands such as Jerkmate and BlueChew reach new audiences and increase ROI.

  • Sasha VitezGoogle

    Sasha VitezGoogle / Senior Growth Consultant

    about Sasha Vitez

    Sasha is an accomplished professional who empowers performance-driven enterprises to achieve rapid and sustainable expansion through strategic utilization of Google platforms. With a distinguished international career that traverses diverse industries and multinational corporations, Sasha brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Notably, Sasha's entrepreneurial prowess is evidenced by his success as the founder of an investment consultancy business.

    Hailing from a richly diverse background, Sasha's global perspective is further accentuated by his multicultural origins. Originally born in Brazil with a Serbian heritage, Sasha also holds Portuguese nationality. Remarkably, Sasha's journey has encompassed residence in an impressive 13 countries spread across 4 continents, fostering a unique understanding of global markets and cultural dynamics.

    Sasha's commitment to fostering growth, coupled with his extensive international experience, offers an invaluable asset in steering businesses towards enhanced performance and enduring success.

  • Brian GearySegpay

    Brian GearySegpay / Chief Commercial Officer

    about Brian Geary

    Brian is Segpay's Chief Commercial Officer. He has over 30 years of experience in all things payments and has worked for Banks, Acquirers, Processors and Visa and Mastercard....always on the side of the merchant ! With the best customer service and Technology proposition in the Industry, Segpay has experienced significant growth and has a tremendous future. We remain laser focused on ensuring we are there for our clients all the way to paid.

  • Anna Gita MaxWeb

    Anna Gita MaxWeb / CEO

    about Anna Gita

    Anna Gita is the CEO of MaxWeb, which according to Yahoo news, is the best affiliate network in the world. Anna built a 8 Figure Business in just under 5 years, without any experience in the affiliate marketing world. She has quickly become one of the most loved and appreciated female entrepreneurs in the affiliate industry. Anna's specialty is native ads, content and performance marketing in the digital space. MaxWeb helps product owners and affiliates generate more than $100m in profits every year.

  • Jean-MichealF2F.com

    Jean-MichealF2F.com / CEO

    about Jean-Micheal

    Jean-Micheal serves as the CEO of F2F.com, a premium fast growing social platform, based in Amsterdam. Under his leadership, the company has experienced significant growth and expanded its reach globally. Jean-Micheal is a visionar who is passionate about driving innovation and helping creators leverage technology to achieve their goals.

  • Vitaliy SitovskiiTraffic Squad

    Vitaliy SitovskiiTraffic Squad / CEO & Co-Founder

    about Vitaliy Sitovskii

    Vitaliy (Sit) Sitovskii is CEO & Co-Founder of Traffic Squad, a successful and one of the largest media buying companies in Europe (iGaming).
    Vitaliy started his career as an Internet marketing specialist. Thanks to this experience, he perfectly understands the principles of his colleagues' work and effectively manages a company that cooperates with the most influential market players. The company has a unique infrastructure and automated processes that allow each employee to develop and have an impact on the affiliate marketing industry.

  • Josh NobleShipOffers

    Josh NobleShipOffers / Vice President of Sales

    about Josh Noble

    Josh Noble is an accomplished and driven professional, currently serving as the Vice President of Sales at ShipOffers. With over a decade of experience in sales and business development, he has been instrumental in the company's growth, forging strong relationships, and positioning ShipOffers as an industry leader. His strategic approach has been pivotal in establishing key industry partnerships and developing a high performing sales organization.

  • Sami NahmiyazBenzerweb

    Sami NahmiyazBenzerweb / Social To Search Arbitrage Expert / Native to All Arbitrage Expert / Media Buy Automation

    about Sami Nahmiyaz

    Meet Sami, an experienced Search Arbitrage Consultant and Feed Distributor, specializing in the dynamic world of "Tiktok for search arbitrage." But what exactly is search arbitrage? It's the art of effectively mediating clicks between various traffic sources and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties. With seven years of consulting large companies, Sami has honed their expertise in the search arbitrage arena, helping businesses achieve remarkable success. Throughout their career, Sami has cultivated valuable connections to essential products and services necessary for every phase of building a thriving search arbitrage business.

  • Jonathan WilliamsOnlyU AI

    Jonathan WilliamsOnlyU AI / Founder & CEO

    about Jonathan Williams

    As the founder and CEO of OnlyU AI, Jonathan Williams is a visionary and driven entrepreneur with a passion for artificial intelligence and its potential to transform industries. With a background in computer science and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, he is a forward-thinking leader who can identify opportunities and leverage AI to solve real-world problems.

  • Leeroy HendriksOutdid

    Leeroy HendriksOutdid / Co-founder and CTO

    about Leeroy Hendriks

    Leeroy Hendriks brings over two decades of expertise in shaping technology startups, spanning from pioneering video compression to innovative crypto payment solutions. Currently serving as the co-founder and CTO of Outdid, he spearheads a groundbreaking ID verification venture that emphasizes privacy preservation, fraud resistance and cost efficiency. Beyond his role at Outdid, Leeroy has extended his guidance to 100+ other startups, sharing insights on growth strategies and product development to nurture the next generation of successful businesses.

  • Roberto SaporitoNextgenPayment

    Roberto SaporitoNextgenPayment / Founder & CEO

    about Roberto Saporito

    NextGen has been founded by Roberto Saporito, former Global Head of HBR & Gambling during +13 years at Worldline. All his knowledge, experience and network is dedicated to NextGen Payment and his Partners and Customers. The main focus of NextGen Payment is payment solutions for high risk merchants accounts - specializing in adult, dating, webcams, digital goods, nutra, cryptocurrency and gaming/gambling.

  • Roman Khmelnytskyy Mirelia Networks

    Roman Khmelnytskyy Mirelia Networks / CBDO

    about Roman Khmelnytskyy

    Roman Khmelnytskyy CBDO at Mirelia Networks - direct advertiser in dating and an Ad Network with large quantities of Member Area dating traffic. He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for close to 5 years, overlooking the company's Marketing, Sales, PR, and Operations department.

  • Alejandra RoaModels1A

    Alejandra RoaModels1A / Model

    about Alejandra Roa

    Alejandra Roa, with an impeccable career of more than five years in the industry and multiple awards throughout her career, is currently one of the most relevant and important models of Latin America of international stature, defined by her elegance, charisma, and great sex appeal. She has been a presenter at international events, she is distinguished by her great talent and her high level of competitiveness.

  • Uzair KharawalaSF Digital

    Uzair KharawalaSF Digital / Partner

    about Uzair Kharawala

    Uzair runs SF Digital along with his wife Farzana. The business has been established for over 21 years and specializes in Google & YouTube Ads. They have one of the most active & popular YouTube channels on Google Ads with over 1800 videos and 25,000+ subscribers.

    Uzair has spoken at some of the biggest events for digital marketing including: DigitalMarketer, Nikon, and Apple to name a few. His articles & videos have been featured on SEMRush, GoHighLevel, and LearnsWorld.

    Last year in San Diego, Uzair was nominated runners-up in the 'Marketer of the Year' competition run by DigitalMarketer which has a community of over 120,000 digital marketers.

  • Jeannie MaiHelpGrid

    Jeannie MaiHelpGrid / Managing Director

    about Jeannie Mai

    Jeannie Mai is the Managing Director of HelpGrid, she helps online brands create more profits through outbound phone sales and customer excellence. Jeannie draws from her background in digital marketing, which has been honed through her tenure at multiple affiliate networks and management of diverse campaigns for product owners. Her focus at the moment is on diversification, company culture, and community impact.

  • David NikolicSEOTeam.io

    David NikolicSEOTeam.io / CEO

    about David Nikolic

    David Nikolic: With a decade of experience in search engine optimization, David leads the esteemed SEO Team with a portfolio showcasing millions of dollars invested in authority building and content campaigns. With a hands-on approach rooted in extensive trial and error, he pioneered strategies that have lifted businesses from inception to prominence.

  • Nilu YusupovaADSEmpire

    Nilu YusupovaADSEmpire / Chief Business Development Officer

    about Nilu Yusupova

    Nilu Yusupova - is a professional with more than 8 years in CPA Industry, 5 of them in Online Dating. She has got a solid experience in Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting in Affiliate domains. As the Chief Business Development Officer of AdsEmpire, Nilu masters in Dating sites monetization, Affiliate acquisition, and PR.

  • Andra ChirnogeanuStripchat

    Andra ChirnogeanuStripchat / Head of Business Development

    about Andra Chirnogeanu

    Andra Chirnogeanu holds the distinguished position of Head of Business Communication for prominent cam platforms Stripchat and my.club. With close to a decade of experience in the adult industry, Andra is a seasoned professional adept at fostering strategic communication in this dynamic sector.

    As a leader at Stripchat, which boasts an impressive monthly traffic of over 800 million visitors, Andra has masterfully harnessed advanced streaming technology, particularly focusing on freemium-style streams. Her expertise ensures these platforms remain at the forefront of innovation, catering to evolving user preferences and delivering an exceptional experience.

    Andra Chirnogeanu's achievements have earned her industry accolades, underscoring her commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate the nuances of the adult entertainment domain. Her role as a communication trailblazer and her impactful leadership within these platforms showcase her as a driving force behind their continued success.

  • Catherine KyrsenkoTraffic Squad

    Catherine KyrsenkoTraffic Squad / Product Owner

    about Catherine Kyrsenko

    Catherine is a result-driven entrepreneur with a passion for taking products from concept to reality. As a Product Owner at one of the biggest media buying companies Traffic Squad, Catherine has leveraged her expertise in automatization and technical optimizations.

    Diving into the world of media buying and data for 7 years already, her disruptive approach has resulted in saving $XXXXX of costs, successful product launches, and most recently, the launch of an internal all-in-one platform built for media buying teams.

  • Chris YoungsPaxum

    Chris YoungsPaxum / Business Development

    about Chris Youngs

    Chris Youngs is a seasoned business development expert with 22 years of experience in the online adult entertainment industry. He has spearheaded business development for the past 15 years at Paxum, a leading fintech company. Chris’s strategic insights and leadership have been pivotal in shaping Paxum’s success and driving innovation in the convergence of online marketing and fintech. His proactive approach to identifying trends, establishing partnerships, and sharing knowledge through industry events cements his role as a revered influencer in the field, ensuring a dynamic future for the adult industries' financial safety under his expert guidance.

  • Andy WullmerCreatorTraffic

    Andy WullmerCreatorTraffic / Founder & CEO

    about Andy Wullmer

    Andy Wulmer, Founder and CEO of CreatorTraffic, the go-to search-traffic source for content creators. With a talent for helping creators grow their OnlyFans accounts, Andy ensures genuine fans and increased revenue. With CreatorTraffic, Andy has developed a unique approach to boosting OnlyFans profiles and attracting real fans and subscribers, who are genuinely interested in the content. No more fake fans or scams – with CreatorTraffic, content creators get high-quality followers, who want to support and engage with model's content.

  • Stefan MuehlbauerMasters in Cash

    Stefan MuehlbauerMasters in Cash / Sales & Marketing Expert

    about Stefan Muehlbauer

    Stefan Muehlbauer is a seasoned Sales and Marketing expert with over 21 years of experience. He thrived as a Sales Director in the insurance industry before venturing into online marketing in 2010. With a focus on affiliate management and training, Stefan has made significant contributions to diverse sectors such as Dating, mobile content, and Telemedicine. Throughout his career, he has excelled in growing and overseeing affiliate teams, effortlessly handling up to 20 account managers at once. Stefan's managed partners have achieved over 100 million euros in payouts, and his teams have multiplied that figure. This success is a testament to his exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication in the affiliate field.

  • William Soares PintoLoudBids

    William Soares PintoLoudBids / Co-Founder

    about William Soares Pinto

    William Soares Pinto is a highly trusted expert with nearly 10 years of experience in the dating industry, API flows, and Data monetization. Starting his journey in dating, he quickly rose through the ranks, holding management roles in two market-leading companies. Recognizing the value of collaboration, he joined forces with industry veterans to establish LoudBids.com, an ad network specializing in high-quality traffic, particularly email clicks. With his expertise and strategic vision, William is now spearheading the network's expansion into media buying, solidifying their presence in the industry.

  • Anthony NocellaCosmo Payment

    Anthony NocellaCosmo Payment / COO

    about Anthony Nocella

    Anthony Nocella, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cosmo Payment, one of the industry's best and most convenient options to pay and get paid as content creators, freelancers and affiliates. Anthony, now a veteran of the industry, has made it Cosmo's mission to proudly provide smooth and safe payments to an industry which has been unjustly neglected and mistreated - while raising awareness for an otherwise corporate & social stigma.

  • Carmen MuleyParagon Social Commerce

    Carmen MuleyParagon Social Commerce / Founder & CEO

    about Carmen Muley

    Pioneering in the Live Shopping industry since 2016 in China, Carmen has a background in business, law and fashion. She has worked with top international brands like Aliexpress, Mercedes Benz, Clinique, Arla, Midea or Skechers. Carmen is the founder and CEO at Paragon Social Commerce, IZZY Agency in Shanghai and her own Activewear brand, Mindfulness-HOP Activewear.
    As the CEO at Paragon, Carmen is on a mission to develop the Live shopping and Social Commerce Markets in Europe and the rest of the world.

  • EvaTalksContent Creator

    EvaTalksContent Creator / Independent Model

    about EvaTalks

    Started model career on LiveJasmin in 2013 and still use it as an exclusive platform for streaming. Made her name recognizable, became an iconic person in creating a high-quality artistic content within the site, industry and even beyond it.
    • Appearance in "A Camlife" movie
    • 5 awards in alternative short films festivals representing Jasmin in 2018 and 2019. That is a unique thing for an adult site.
    • Best MILF cammodel 2022, fetish diva
    • Successful speaker of national and international Webcam forums and summits
    • Influencer, blogger, Pineapple Support ambassador, Cam101 forum moderator, mentor.
    "I always speak honestly about good and bad. I don't reveal secrets, there are none. I reveal potential."

  • Leya TanitPineapple Support

    Leya TanitPineapple Support / Founder & CEO

    about Leya Tanit

    Leya Tanit is the CEO and founder of Pineapple Support, a non-profit organization providing mental health resources to online adult industry professionals across the globe. Leya has been active in the adult industry for over 20 years and founded Pineapple Support in 2018 after the industry experienced a devastating string of losses due to a lack of mental health support.
    The multi-award-winning organization has provided support to over 10,000 industry professionals to date and continues to grow at an exponential rate.

  • Katharina WebhoferWillow Integra Management LTD

    Katharina WebhoferWillow Integra Management LTD / Co-Founder & COO

    about Katharina Webhofer

    Katharina is the Co-Founder and COO of Willow Integra Management LTD, an innovative agency providing models with an innovative approach to assist in navigating the industry. As a pioneering female-led company, the company stands out from the crowd with its unique and empowering approach to OnlyFans management. Unlike traditional agencies, they are committed to ensuring fairness and profitability for both creators and team members alike. By avoiding the standard commission model that often costs creators half of their earnings, Willow Integra fosters a supportive and sustainable environment for creators, without exploiting those in need of assistance. Their emphasis on building lasting relationships and sustainability makes them stand out in the often short-sighted industry, aligning their success with the success of their clients. At the conference, Willow Integra Management LTD will share insights into their approach, highlighting how they prioritize collaboration and mutual growth to create a positive impact on the work of creators.

  • Anthony RiveraAJ Studios

    Anthony RiveraAJ Studios / Co-Founder

    about Anthony Rivera

    Anthony Rivera is co-founder of AJ Studios, the leading supplier of cam models in Latin America with more than 3.000 models working seven days a week, 365 days a year. They are the most awarded cam company in Latin America and also the biggest studio partner worldwide for 5 of the top cam networks. Anthony’s latest project is the Webcam lab. It’s a 24,000-square-foot facility in total for the first outsourcing service center for the adult industry in the world. Currently, the webcam lab has a network of over 600 affiliate studios. Anthony is also a founding partner in LALEXPO, the biggest adult b2b event in Latin America which has an attendance of over 5,000 people.

  • Stephen VenturaBigBucksRevenue

    Stephen VenturaBigBucksRevenue / VP - Business Development

    about Stephen Ventura

    Over the span of two decades in online sales and e-commerce, Stephen "Mega" Ventura carved out a niche in email and SMS marketing for adult and online dating products. Mega's platform development and campaigns go beyond the ordinary, emphasizing genuine user engagement and acquisition.

    Drawing from a rich tapestry of international project experiences, he seamlessly integrates user acquisition strategies with sustainable revenue channels. Recognized in various markets, including manufacturing, nutritional supplements, and content creation, Mega combines deep operational knowledge with a sharp affiliate marketing prowess, making him a go-to authority in the world of online dating marketing.

  • Misha BurykTraffic Squad

    Misha BurykTraffic Squad / CRO

    about Misha Buryk

    Misha Buryk is CRO at Traffic Squad, a successful and one of the largest media buying companies in Europe (iGaming). The company has a unique infrastructure and automated processes that allow each employee to develop and have an impact on the affiliate marketing industry.

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