How to get to Mamaia Visa information Traveling short guide

Considered to be Romania's #1 summer destination, Mamaia is a resort on the Black Sea shore on a strip of land just 8 km (5 mi) in length and only 300 m (330 yd) in width, between the Sea and Lake Siutghiol. From late May the average daytime temperatures range between 25 and 35 °C (77 and 86 °F). The water stays warm until mid autumn. Hotels range from mid-end to exclusive 4- and 5-star hotels and private clubs. Mamaia is approximately 200 km away from Romania's Capital - Bucharest and obviously the country's largest airport (Henri Coanda OTP).

So why here? Being served by the small airport of Constanta (CND), Mamaia is not easily accessible by plane. The small difficulties in travelling to Mamaia are compensated first of all by quality people and quality business. The location itself is a "natural" selection of our attendees, and we can guarantee only the best of the best can be found here.

Not only that we have the best of the best, but we also keep them "trapped" for the entire 3 days of the show, away from the temptations of big cities. As for networking and fun events, what’s a better location than a one close to the beautiful sea? Be prepared for an amazing experience in both business and networking events.

1. Travelling by car? Then it’s simple, we recommend Google Maps or Waze. :)
2. Travelling by plane: you have two options:
a) get a flight to Bucharest (Airport Code: OTP) and from there take a private transfer. Detailed info below.
b) get a flight to Bucharest and from there take the bus, limo, rent a car or even by train. All options explained below.
Please also check our schedule and get informations from our staff. We might have people coming in and willing to split their ride or even our own shuttle buses from OTP Bucharest Airport to the venue.

If you want to travel by yourself, here are some useful infos:


Do not take the cab or call an Uber. The taxi will be more expensive than a comfortable car + driver. Depending on your group size you can also opt-in for larger cars or minibuses.

Car with Driver
Primus Trans
Premium Cars
Otopeni Cars


If you feel more comfortable driving yourself, there are multiple options in OTP airport to rent a car, such as:

Sixt Rent a Car
OTP Rent a car
Premium Rent
Prima Rent a Car


You can also take a bus from OTP Bucharest Airport to Constanta. The price is about 13 to 20 Euros per person.
Check the following websites for more details or reservations:

Direct airport services
ALT Transport


The Bucharest - Constanta railway is one of the best in Romania, recently upgraded that can reach 170km/h. However, getting to the Bucharest North Central Station with public transportation from OTP Airport is not recommended. You can take a cab (around 10 Euros or even less) or Uber from OTP Bucharest Airport to Central Station (Gara de Nord). Check the trains schedule here and remember, you are traveling from Bucharest to Constanta.

Romania is part of the European Union. If you can travel with your passport to EU, then you dont need any VISA.
Please keep in mind, Romania is not yet part of the Schengen Space. If you have a Schengen Visa, you can not enter Romania with it.
Romanian VISAs are easy to obtain in most countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and so on. In some cases you might need an invitation - so please do not hesitate to contact us in such a scenario.
We are here to help!

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