How to get to Mamaia Visa information Traveling short guide

Considered to be Romania's #1 summer destination , Mamaia is a resort on the Black Sea shore on a strip of land just 8 km (5 mi) in length and only 300 m (330 yd) in width, between the Sea and Lake Siutghiol. From late May the average daytime temperatures range between 25 and 35 °C (77 and 86 °F). The water stays warm until mid autumn. Hotels range from mid-end to exclusive 4- and 5-star hotels and private clubs.
Mamaia is approximately 200 km away from Romania's Capital - Bucharest and obviously the country's largest airport (Henri Coanda OTP) .

So why here ? Being served by the small airport of Constanta (CND) , Mamaia is not easely accessible by plane . The small difficulties in traveling to Mamaia are compensated first of all by quality people and quality business . The location itself it's a "natural" selection of our attendees , and we can guarantee only the best of the best can be found here . Not only that we have the best of the best , but we also keep them "trapt" for the entire 3 days of the show, away from the temptations of big cities, available to you and your business . As for networking and fun events what other better location than close to the beautiful sea ? Be prepared for an amazing experience in both business and networking events .

1. Traveling by car ? Then its simple , we recomand Google Maps :)
2. Traveling by plane : you have two options
a) try to find a flight or connecting flight directly to Constanta's airport Mihail Kogalniceanu (aprox. 20 km away) . Airport code : CDN
b) get a flight to Bucharest and from there take the bus , limo , rent a car , or even by train . All options explained bellow . Airport code OTP .
Please also check our schedule and get informations from our staff . We might have people comming in and willing to split their ride , or even our own shuttle buses from OTP Bucharest Airport to the venue . If you want to travel by yourself , here are some useful informations :


Do not take the cab or call an Uber . The taxi will be more expensive than a comfortable car + driver . Depending on your group size you can also opt in for larger cars or minibuses .
Average cost (one way) is around 100 Euros .

Car with Driver
Primus Trans
Premium Cars
Otopeni Cars


If you feel more comfortable driving yourself , there are multiple options in OTP airport to rent a car , such as :

Sixt Rent a Car
OTP Rent a car
Premium Rent
Prima Rent a Car


You can also take a bus from Otopeni Airport to Constanta . The price is about 13 to 20 Euros per person .
Check the following websites for more details or reservations :

Direct airport services
ALT Transport


The Bucharest - Constanta railway is one of the best in Romania , recently upgraded that can reach 170kmph . However , getting to the Bucharest North Central Station with public transportation from OTP Airport is not recommended . You can take a cab (around 10 Euros or even less) or Uber from OTP Airport to Central Station (Gara de Nord) . Check the trains schedule here and remember , you are traveling from Bucharest to Constanta .

Romania is part of the European Union . If you can travel with your passport to EU , then you dont need any VISA .
Please have in mind , Romania is not yet part of the Schengen Space . If you have a Schengen Visa , you can not enter Romania with it .
Romanian VISA's are easy to obtain in most countries : Russia , Ukraine , Belarus , Kazakhstan and so on . In some cases you might need an invitation - so please do not hesitate to contact us in such a scenario . We are here to help !

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