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Phoenicia Royal & Luxury, our Venue Hotel

The Phoenicia Resort have 2 connected towers - Royal ( 5stars ) and Luxury ( 4 + ) . Being connected and sharing the same areas (conference center , reception , lobby , etc.) they are both in the heart of the AWSummit .

Our previous venue hotel had only 120 rooms available , and we were usualy SOLD OUT by march - 3 months before the event . Because of this High Demand and the constantly increasing number of attendees , we moved our 2018 show to this amazing 5 Stars Resort with a little bit more than 300 rooms available .

The Phoenicia Resort is exclusively reserved to our event between 5th and 9th of June 2018 , being the only Romanian based event big enaugh to cover such a demand .

Phoenicia is one of the most luxurious beachfront hotels in Mamaia, Constanta. Highlights include lavish decor, spacious guestrooms with seafront balconies, four on-site restaurants serving each day more than 100 diverse dishes from the Romanian, Italian, Lebanese or international cuisine.

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