Event Schedule

Arrival Day - June 1st Day 1 - June 2nd Day 2 - June 3rd Day 3 - June 4th Departure Day - June 5th

Tuesday June 2nd

09:00 - 11:00 Event Info

Free Airport transfer

If you are an early bird or you will opt for an early flight, make sure you’ll catch all the fun from the beginning! To help you with this, we will prepare a shuttle that will take you from the Otopeni Airport from Bucharest or Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport from Constanta. This will bring you right to the venue and to benefit from it, all you need to do is to register yourself from your account before 20th of May 2020.
Location : Airport

10:00 - 20:00 Event Info

Conference Registration

Here is the spot where everything will start! To get access to the whole 2020 AWSummit first of all, you’ll need to register and grab your badge and wristband. Here you can also upgrade your ticket during the summit to access all the areas we have to offer.
Location : Hotel Lobby

12:00 - 20:00 Business

Executive Lounge

This is the special area designed for all our VIP guests. If you are an Executive ticket holder you can connect and mingle with other business leaders. Upgrade your status and your entire AW Summit experience.
12:00 - 18:00 - Champagne Club
: We prepared a special meeting! Get to know everyone, exchange business cards and make new partners.
20:00 - 23:00 - Cocktail Lounge
: Are you looking for the perfect way to end a meeting with new partners and friends? Try the Cocktail Lounge!
Location : Inside Garden
This event is for Executive ticket holders only. Do not forget to get your Executive Upgrade.

14:00 - 18:00 Recreative

Networking BBQ

Let’s all meet on the beach, enjoy the sun, the sea and ourselves! And how can we do this better than at a barbecue? This is the perfect place to know each other, to share memories from other barbecues we did with friends and family and to have a lot of fun. We will show you why, in Romania, the barbecue is almost raised to the rank of art. Get the family taste with the big AWSummit family!
Location : Hotel Beach

16:00 - 18:00 Networking

Networking Cocktails

A little Cocktail never killed nobody! Since we will be in hotel by the seaside, what could be better than a good talk and an excellent cocktail? Challenge our bartenders and enjoy the results!
Location : Royal Bar

16:00 - 16:30 Event Info

Newcomer Orientation Class

Remember when you were the newest member of the team and you were not quite sure where to go and what to do? This doesn’t have to be the same. We are a big family and we got you covered! Attend the Orientation Class and get a glimpse of the industry. Boost up your career right from the start at the AWSummit.
Location : TBA

17:00 - 19:00 Exclusive

Behind the scenes: NightProwl Studio Tour

If you ever wondered what is behind a successful studio, the AWSummit will give you the chance to find out exactly how everything happens. Nightprowl Studio is a top studio from Romania and one of the oldest and most trusted partners of LIVEJasmin. They were among the oldest studios that received the Jasmin Certification and their goal is to create top models. Higher your expectations, prepare your questions and register for this tour. To attend this tour, please send an email to roxana@awsummit.com. Limited spots!
Location : NightProwl Studio Constanta

17:00 - 19:00 Networking

Affiliates Business Club

Affiliate Business Club is joining AWSummit for the first time! Create new connections, enjoy the money talk and even start new businesses, all along with your affiliates friends. Join the club and take the pulse of the industry! To join this event you must get a wristband from the organisers!
Location : TBA

18:00 - 20:00 Networking

Casino & Gambling Networking

The night is young! Set your bets and hope for the best. Do you think you’re lucky? Then let’s meet at the Casino! Enjoy the company of our guests and make new friends. You’ll be at the 2020 AW Summit so we already know that you’re a winner. This event is limited! Save your spot today by emailing roxana@awsummit.com to get a wristband!
Location : Hotel Phoenicia Boutique Casino

20:00 - 22:00 Recreative

Romanian Dinner

Romania has a lot to offer. It has a rich history, lovely people, beautiful views and GREAT FOOD. Enjoy traditional Romanian food at the 2020 AW Summit Romanian Dinner!
Location : Hotel Restaurant

23:00 - 03:00 Recreative

EURO 2020 Party by BongaCams

Since Romania is one of the countries that will host UEFA Euro 2020, we simply had to make a thematic party for this! Celebrate all the victories from the first day of the conference at this party!
Location : EGO Club Mamaia
03:00 - 06:00 Recreative

Recovery Soup powered by Smart Chat Studio

If you want to enjoy the sunrise on the beach or simply can’t have enough of us, the Recovery Soup is the place for you. Charge your batteries for the second day of the conference and nourish your soul with freshly made delicious soups.
Location : Hotel Restaurant
Arrival Day - June 1st Day 1 - June 2nd Day 2 - June 3rd Day 3 - June 4th Departure Day - June 5th