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The purpose of the 2020 event is to bring quality information and create added value for each participant. For entertainers, we created this Masterclass where you can find out new things or new approaches on training, web traffic, algorithms for better positioning your model profile on the site you work, but also for better information on monetization opportunities of the content generated online or offline and consequently increase your revenue as a model. This Masterclass addresses both models and studios and is translated simultaneously, depending on the language spoken on stage, in Romanian, Russian, English and Spanish.

Masterclass schedule

17:30 Entertainers Masterclass

This MasterClass is dedicated to entertainers and studios and it is designed to meet all of your needs, to help you stay on top, to help you improve your business, increase your income and show you what the future can look like.

17:30 - Full understanding of the members

To become a better entertainer, it is necessary to underline the member's characteristics of the platforms on which we operate, what their needs are and get a better grasp of why they are spending time and money. This session of the masterclass is going to be focused on communication, verbal or non-verbal and expressiveness. You will find out how important it is to be present as a model (allocating time), tips for getting members loyalty and of course ways of maximizing your financial revenue.

18:30 - Understanding algorithms and traffic

Most of the time there are complaints about the position of the models profile on the site or the lack of traffic in the chatroom. This Masterclass is created to perfectly explain how the site algorithms work, how you can get a better listing of your profile and of course more visibility and traffic, the end result being simple: higher revenue.

18:30 - Proven methods and strategies for revenue growth
This Masterclass will explain in detail what are the opportunities for an entertainer to increase their revenue using social media channels, creating and distributing content, but also maximizing revenue using the tools on the platforms you activate, generating revenue using affiliate programs and other methods proved to be financially productive.