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Every day there is a newer, better and improved option of growing your business and we need to keep learning in order to stay on top. Be a part of the Digital Marketing MasterClasses and get a deeper knowledge about content creating, traffic, social media. We have specially chosen the best trainers that will boost your expertise and help you increase your business. Our Masterclasses will help you design a better online presence for your company as well. Get the latest tips and tricks from our speakers, analyze real case studies and improve your approach. This MasterClass is limited. Save your spot today!

Masterclass schedule

12:30 Digital Marketing Masterclass
As a company, it’s getting harder and harder to be seen online. You need to create a lot of content for every channel and to get your message in front of as many eyes as possible. On top of this, you need to run your own business with your daily day to day tasks, so how do you deal with all of this in the little time you have to market your business?
12:30 - How to create 30 days of content in 1 day?
In the first session of this masterclass you will learn how you can make 30 days worth of content in only one day. By preparing and planning one month ahead and stacking up on content, you will never wonder what to post again and you can somehow automate the entire process.
13:30 - Chris Kubbernus - How to grow and get the most reach for your content in Social Media
Once you got your content created it’s time to spread it around all your platforms. But what social media platforms bring you the most for your time and effort? How can you grow on them, how to make lots of users see your content, get back to you and buy your products or services?
In this 2nd session of this masterclass you will learn how to grow your social media and get the most out of your content with only 30 min of work per day.
14:30 - Thomas Moen - Boost your reach with correct Ad Spend on Facebook and Instagram
Now that you have your content and you know how to grow and optimize your social media accounts to have the highest reach possible, we move over to ads.
In the 3rd and last session of this Masterclass you will learn the easiest way any business, of any size, can get the most out of their ad spend in 2020. Facebook algorithms change very fast, not all the ad spots convert the same so in this session, you will find out the latest tips&tricks on how to boost your reach with a correct ad spend on Facebook or Instagram.