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Many new ventures need to access external resources (partnerships), or external sources of funding, to effectively build their product or service, and enter the market. Taking advantage of the right investment opportunities can help startups turn a small but promising idea into a long-term profit-making venture for both investor and initiator. This is the right place for both investors and startups, or early stage companies that are ready to take it to the next level.


  • • People with projects, ideas or startup-products looking for new ventures, investors or partners;
  • • Established business owners and investors interested in new partnerships, investments and companies co-founding.

Basically, the Start UP Pitch connects startups and people with projects - with one of the largest collection of investors from our industry. Apply to pitch our entire audience. Good things happen to people who take a risk. This is not a crowdfunding platform, this is a B2B & face to face - business focused activity.

So you've got a great business idea. The act of pitching your brand to investors and convincing them that you are worth listening to and are a potentially lucrative asset is one of the major challenges for startups.

Remember to maintain your professional boundaries in all your interactions and presentations.

It seems that almost every day, there's another startup proudly announced. With so many success stories out there, it's easy for other aspiring entrepreneurs to start believing in themselves and in their ideas. There is also an argument to be made that our investors can provide more than just money. They can provide access to other kind of resources, such as know-how from business fields, connections and also with the needed advice or guidance based on their own experiences. This can help boost your new business, idea or product, and get it to shine in the spotlight.

Present a serious business plan and an explanation of why or how the investment or partnership will take your enterprise to the next level and you’ll have all the odds with you in receiving the much needed investment.
Investors are genuinely interested in helping businesses to grow. They're not only prepared to take risks, but actively seek out high risk opportunities, as it represents the best option for exceptional returns. While, of course, one day they want to get a significant return for their time and financial investment, they may work with a business through several rounds of finance and for many years, helping to build value before exiting.

Getting into the mindset of an investor can aid your search. So try to envisage how you will help them achieve their own objectives. Experienced investors are generally smart, diligent and skeptical when reviewing new opportunities, so you should be able to prove that you have a dynamic market opportunity with the potential for long-term growth and demonstrate that your target market is engaging with the product or service.


Based on the number of applications and requests, we will schedule the presentations to take place all in the same day or in two different days. The schedule will be updated no later than May 1st 2019. All the applications must be submitted through this page. Early applications receive extra consideration (due to time constraints) so there will be no last minute sign ups.

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